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Exotic animals awareness from CATCA Environmental and Wildlife Society

This year we choose the Exotic Animals issues of trade and used as pets for the WAD Canada 2018 awareness subject.

We will be handing these stickers and door hangers in a workshop about exotic animals as pets in Vancouver organized by other animal NGO’s, as well we will continue to talk about it and distribute them during the month of October in different educative events.

This issue is very close to our heart, as we have been monitoring the illegal e-commerce of endangered and protected animal species worldwide with our formal monitorings, which proudly are the only ones doing it at an international level, using our results to lobby and implement stronger laws that will reduce this trade. 

Sadly, most of the animal species found on this trade (the ones that survive), end up often as pets, but not for long, as exotic animals are not suitable to be domestic pets, meeting a life of captivity, misunderstanding and often cruelly killed or abandoned in cities or dump in the water/land to struggle to survive.

All our reports of these e-commerce monitorings from 10 years ago are at the INTERPOL database. 

To learn more pls check here: www.catca-ews.org/wordpress/e-trade/

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