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AACL’S Feral Cat Spay-A-Thon a great success!

AACL Johannesburg held a successful feral cat spay-a-thon on the 4th October (World Animal Day). 54 feral cats (30 x males and 24 x females) were sterilized, vaccinated against Rabies and had their ears clipped. Ear clipping or notching, is very important for identification purposes when capturing ferals for sterilization. Of interest and because it’s ear had not been previously clipped, one of the cats during the Spay-a-thon was found upon examination, to have already been sterilized. Of the 23 females, 8 were found to be pregnant and 2 were lactating. The lactating females were returned to their litters as soon as the effects of the anaesthetic had been reversed. Excluding the one feral cat population from Heidelberg, all other ferals were from colonies in the south of Johannesburg.

AACL’s Feral Cat Co-ordinator, Armand Jackson, had this to say: “We had planned on the sterilization of 60 cats, but this was contingent upon our ability to successfully capture them. Luckily it all went well and we can relax in the knowledge that these animals are now healthy and will no longer be able to breed indiscriminately.”

AACL thanks everyone who assisted on the day, with a special thanks to Charlmaine Pereira of S A Feral Foundation, for the delicious lunch she provided for the team.

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