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First Zanzibar National Animal Welfare Spelling Bee Competition:

This competition will be conducted for first time inZanzibar; this competition will be for 12 secondary schools children only from Unguja Island. It will be run by preparing 300 words for competition, in regional level 200 words will be competed and 100 words will be added in national level to make the total of 300 words. We will skip the district level, this because we have only two school from each district. Each school will be represented by one best student they choose from several students in their schools.


All words will be from animal welfare terminologies and environmental conservation terminologies and required to be memorized by the students entering the competition and understand their meaning together with ability to spell their spelling of each word correctly in order to win. Example the Word “cruelty”, student will be required to spell the word as follow; C-R-U-E-L-T-Y.


Four secondary schools from each region will be entering the competition in regional level two from each district; two winners from each region will enter the national level competition where we will get six schools entering national level competition. This competition will take place in Unguja secondary which selected to be project schools, the three top winners will be prized while other participants will be given provided with certificate and equal amount of participation allowance.


This competition aim in help students to improve their capacity of memorization of the their daily subjects taught in their schools, but also it will help students to understand several words meaning concerning animal welfare, environmental conservation and helping to understand basic knowledge of animal right, conservation of environment and how they can eliminate cruelty to animals in their daily life, 

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