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Free Anti-rabies Vaccination Camp in Chapakot village, Pokhara

A free anti-rabies vaccination camp is being held in Chapakot today. 
Rabies is still prevalent in Nepal yet there are no National Guidelines to control/eradicate rabies, thus working towards achieving ‘End Rabies by 2030’.

HART has been conducting mass anti-rabies vaccination in Pokhara and Bharatpur annually. HART uses a mobile phone application to measure the effectiveness of the vaccination program i.e whether or not the 70% threshold is met.

We have been conducting ARV in Chapakot for over 4 years considering these factors;

Most of the owned animals are mongrels and are free-roaming.

The villagers have no veterinary facilities closeby. 

The aim of this camp is to protect the dogs, community and the livestock owned by farmers in the village. 

As of writing this, HART team is in Chapakot now conducting the vaccination program. 




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