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Free Anti-Rabies Vaccination Camp In Sarangkot

A one-day free anti-rabies vaccination camp for all dogs and cats (owned, street and community) is scheduled to be organized on 04 October 2019 in Sarangkot hill, ward no 18 of the Pokhara Metropolitan.

Sarangkot was previously a Village Development Committee (VDC) but has been recently merged into bigger Pokhara Metropolitan as ward no 18. It is a famous tourist destination where hundreds of domestic and international tourists come to witness the majestic Himalayas and stunning sunrise. There are numerous hotels and restaurants around the area that feed numerous street and community dogs. Since, Sarangkot lies among the forest as a sub-urban area, constantly being in touch with wild animals, the dogs, cats as well as the locals are in a constant threat of rabies and other zoonotic diseases. Due to the lack of accurate information on rabies, many locals and tourists tend to be rude towards animals, particularly dogs in the fear of getting diseases from them. One of the ways to remove this fear in people and encourage a kind attitude towards the street and community dogs is through vaccination. This is the first HART intervention in ward 18.

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