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Friendly Faces

Friendly Faces

Amber Velloz, a talented 12-year-old, excels in crochet and amigurumi toy-making. Entirely self-taught, she achieved a Guinness World Record for the largest exhibition of crochet ponchos at age 10. Amber is also a published author, a skilled swimmer, reader, painter, and coder. Despite her diverse interests, she balances her creative pursuits with family time, often playing with her younger brothers. Amber's passion extends to teaching children crochet, inspiring them to explore their creativity and embrace traditional arts in the digital age.

For our NGO (www.doingmybitfoundation.in), Mumbai India, Amber has crafted a stuffed toy, named Spotty, with a distinctive feature: one clipped ear, symbolising the significance of sterilisation. This design choice mirrors the real-life practice where street dogs and cats in India are marked with a clipped ear to indicate they have been sterilised. Highlighting the importance of vaccinations and sterilisation. Amber's creation raises awareness about responsible animal care, whether for pets or streeties, emphasising the vital role these procedures play in ensuring the well-being of animals. We are so happy to launch this initiative on World Animal Day, 2023.

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