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Full Day of Animal-Related Activities

At The Regent’s School, World Animal Day will begin with students in the Animal Conservation and Welfare after school activity club reciting the ‘Mission Statements’ to the whole school. Any pupil who can remember them by the end of the day will receive a World Animal Day certificate. Some classes are having a ‘Bring your Pet into School’ morning, where the students will have the opportunity to talk about their pet. We will also have Animal mask making; Endangered Animals display; Vegetarian Day for all pupils and staff in both Secondary and Primary Schools; Animal Poetry Performances; World Animal Day presentation in Secondary School assembly; Primary school photography competition: Animals in their natural habitat; Primary Art Competition-all artwork will be put on display and prizes will be given to the winners. The prizes throughout the day include merchandise from ACRES, Singapore, and Love Wildlife, Bangkok. We will be selling ACRES and Love Wildlife merchandise throughout the day to raise money and awareness for both animal charities. We will also send a letter to the ‘Sanctuary of Truth’ in Pattaya requesting that no more wild caught dolphins be used for their dolphin shows as the ‘pool’ is now finally empty. We will have a visit from a member of the IUCN. There will be an Animal story competition in Years One and Two of the Primary School and a display of Animal Art. Emily Kay.

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