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Global launch of SWAN SONG for World Animal Day

Priscilla Presley – Black Swans – a book for Christmas by “Santer”

10% of Royalties until New Year’s Day to World Animal Day

Wit meets murder is a subtropical paradise with a cavalcade of colorful characters. Will the wily Swan Queen outsmart her deadly foe?

Lynn Santer’s young adult novel “Swan Song” was inspired by 23 years of observing wildlife on the Gold Coast lake in Australia, where she lives. When a murderously aggressive swan moved into the lake in 2018, threatening beloved lives and the peaceful harmony of the wildlife community, Lynn started blogging about the drama, collecting fascinated followers all over the world. While the novel is partly fantasized and fictionalized (and completely anthropomorphized) it is largely based on those real events, while touching on themes that resonate with today’s world issues. 

Lynn’s close friend Priscilla Presley met and fed the swans in the story during her 2017 visit to Australia for “An evening with Priscilla” at Star Casino. Now this savvy businesswoman wants to act as Executive Producer on animated musical feature film adaptation of this exciting new young adult novel that will warm the hearts and inspire the souls of all ages. According to veteran stage performer and producer Richard Loring “This one has the potential to rival ‘The Lion King’!”

“Charming. Enchanting. Full of passion, humor and drama.”

Priscilla Presley

“Every captivating chapter opens your eyes to love, treachery, sacrifice and self-discovery in the secret world of swans.”

Richard Loring, Creator of the international stage sensation “African Footprint”

Heart-stopping drama, rib-tickling humor, and more personality than should be allowed.”  

Harvey Brownstone, celebrity talk show host.

Live action book trailer: https://youtu.be/guJ3qN22euk

YA audience animated book trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F0LY2tj0rsA

“Swan Song” is a great gift for all ages and, aside from being a compelling story, it is a fascinating and educational insight into the secret wildlife world of swans. And let’s face it, who doesn’t want a stocking filler by “SANTER” for Christmas? Ho ho ho (grin)

Search on Amazon: “Swan Song by Lynn Santer” (not to be mistaken with other books by other authors with the same or similar title).

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