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Global March for Lions-World Animal Day-Denver

Our fight continues on Saturday October 4th for World Animal day.

We must keep getting the word out there to raise awareness to educate the rest of the world regarding every stage of the life-cycle of torture of a canned lion.

We will continue to call on our governments to BAN the deplorable Canned Hunting Industry. We will also continue to put pressure on the US and EU governments to ban the import of lions trophies as well as all other hunting trophies.

The world united on March 15th 2014 in a Global March for Lions. The roar that we created was heard around the world but we still have much more work to do.The world needs to know-stop supporting the cub-petting & walk with lions experience-the first steps of untold misery for cubs ripped away from their mothers soon after birth.

The fraudulent luring of ignorant volunteers who pay for the “privilege” to “care for” the cubs-all destined to be killed in an enclosed camp where they will have no way of escape. Often shot numerous times to prevent “spoiling” the trophy with a shot in the head, which will be mounted on a foreign wall and the bones exported to Asia for bogus medicine-all for top dollar.

Join us and help us expose this crime-a crime against the very essence of morality. A crime against nature, a crime against Africa, a crime against humanity!

You can learn more about Canned Hunting and the work of Chris Mercer and Bev Pervan at cannedlion.org

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