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Great MARCH against Rabies – Gran MARCHA Contra La Rabia

This year the WAD Event in Bolivia will be a BIG MARCH against rabies, creating awareness for pet owners to vaccinate their pets against this horrible disease, which can harm human beings too.

The March will take place on September 28th which is the International date for World Day Against Rabies.

We will be posting photos of the Event!

Thank you!

This march was massive to raise awareness of the need to take care of our animals, vaccinating them because one form of abuse is not taking care of their health and not vaccinating them.

We have also distributed pamphlets along the way of the March raising awareness about the importance of respecting both domestic and wild animals.

Students and teachers from two Universities were present. Health Services, Neighborhood Organizations. Police with their dogs and many people who sympathized with the MARCH.

It was a GREAT SUCCESS and a fitting awareness-raising event!

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