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Hedgehogs Release

Hedgehogs are sold in the market as pets, they suffer so much from mistreating and lack of food and water while displayed for sale. in additition to that, our vets have no experience or even information about hedgehogs 

we decided to buy some hedgehogs, and release them in a protected area

In co-ordination with the head of North Coast Protected areas – Ministry of Environment – we released 6 African hedgehogs in Al Omaied protect area in a semi- desert place where they can find insects, lizards, snails and some plants 

releasing was done after a period of rehabilitation, making sure that they are healthy enough to be released and recording each one’s data

Each one of them took his way to the shade under a plant or by burrowing a hole in the dry sand 

We wish them a free and happy life in their natural habitat 

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