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Humane Education Programme for Schoolchildren

Liberia Animal Welfare & Conservation Society

World Animal Day Celebration, October 1 to 4, 2015

Celebration of World Animal Day is an important event in Liberia.  We use this special day to highlight the plight of animals in Liberia.  

Liberia is a post war country struggling to recover amidst overwhelming challenges including animal abuse, lack of electricity, high unemployment rate and the recent Ebola crisis that took over 3,000 lives in a country with a very small population of 3.4 million.

More attention is been placed on human development and revitalizing the economy. Liberia has no policy or regulation that protects animals, mainly domestic animals.  In Liberia, animals in general are not that highly regarded among people.  The concept of animal welfare and their rights is seen as a new phenomenon in our country. For centuries, animals have been considered as commodities and a source of income – it is a generational issue.

In order to make animal welfare a priority issue in Liberia, LAWCS celebrated World Animal Day 2015 by conducting various animal welfare programs – all geared towards improving the welfare of animals in Liberia.

The events we conducted in celebration of World Animal Day:

  1. Teacher Training Program: In order to reach the larger society with our animal welfare message, LAWCS organized a 2-day teacher training program for 10 teachers.  The training focused upon the plight and welfare of animals and their basic needs: food, shelter, veterinary care and love. We provided the teachers with animal welfare material to enable them to conduct humane education programs in their respective schools and communities as part of the World Animal Day celebration.
  2. Free Veterinary Services: LAWCS provided free veterinary care for companion animals as part of the World Animal Day celebration.
  3. Children-Animal Interaction Program: As part of the celebration, LAWCS introduced children to the amazing characteristics of animals by taking the children in the community to interact with their family animals.   

We are so pleased to have achieved this historical celebration in Liberia to help raise the status of animals in Liberia. 

Morris Darbo, World Animal Day Ambassador for Liberia.




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