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IBEC Open Day

IBEC Open Day 2018 in conjunction with World Animal Day is a two-day event, targeting local students and the general public of Kuching, Kota Samarahan, Bau and other nearby areas, wholly organised by Institute of Biodiversity and Environmental Conservation. The multiple objectives of the event would be to impart conservation message to the general public, offer skills to students, promote biodiversity as a science, and finally, collaborate and create synergy with other like-minded organisations in nature conservation, research and ecotourism.

Events planned include learning stations, exhibitions, workshops and rapid talks on subjects of popular appeal. Learning stations offer exciting games and posters display to showcase the diversity of the wildlife in the region, especially in Sarawak. Rapid talks are including topic such as ‘Crocodile and Human Wildlife Conflict”, “Calls of Frogs”, “Plants that Heal” and “Don’t Let Your Butter Fly”. The highlights of the event are showcase of Pangolin Conservation in the Region and the Demonstration of the Surveys Crocodile and Dolphin on The Boat.  

The Open Day of the Institute of Biodiversity and Environmental Conservation, in conjunction with World Animal Day 2018, was organised on 4 and 5 October by students and staff of the Institute. The activities were attended by a continuous-flow of students from both primary and secondary schools, and also of the university itself and interested city-folks from Kuching and nearby areas of Sarawak. Over 900 people attended the event, which was held in the campus of Universiti Malaysia Sarawak, between 9AM and 4PM on these two days.

Messages, imparted via games with prizes, exhibitions, talks and workshops, is that we are fortunate to reside in one of the centres of the world’s biodiversity. However, the richness of our plantlife and animals is threatened by rapid development, leading to deforestation, loss of air, land and water quality and loss of species. Conservation and wildlife protection is therefore the great need of the day, to ensure a better life for both humans and plants and animals.

The event was sponsored by a grant from Shell Chair and we thank World Animal Day for its support.


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