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If I had a voice, I would say……

Bosnia and Herzegovina faces a serious stray animals problem. The Animal Protection and Welfare Act of Bosnia and Herzegovine is not enforced in the most vulnerable place: animal shelters, which are non-existent in many towns and cities of this country.

For this reason and in order to commemorate World Animal Day, the 9th grade pupils of the public elementary school „25. novembar“ in Velika Kladuša have created the video project „If I Had A Voice, I Would Say…“, in order to give their voice to those who need it the most: stray dogs and cats. They have also made a special edition of the school wall newspaper, devoted to World Animal Day.

The efforts of these compassionate ninth graders were mirrored by their younger peers: 3rd grade pupils created a special gallery of their artworks dedicated to this big day, and the youngest ones prepared a special dance and a costume party where they were dressed as their favourite animals. All the preparatory activities and the main event with the official premiere of „If I Had A Voice, I Would Say…“ have been followed by the local and regional media on October 4, and the school broadcasted special news devoted to World Animal Day during both shifts, so that all 700+ students and teachers heard valuable information on animal rights, and later on discussed how they could help animals in need.

You can also read about this year’s celebration here:

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