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FIVE TO 12-Information stand and Tea party

Group for monitoring and animal protection, part of the Novi Sad Humanitarian Center (NSHC), will celebrate October 4th-World Animal Day, with several different actions, like previous years. On this occasion, volunteers of NSHC will share leaflets with information about the importance of celebrating this day, animal protection, respect of their rights, and several ways of humanely solving the problem of homeless dogs and cats, as they are increasing every day in cities of Serbia. At the information stand, which will be located in the center of the town, visitors will have the opportunity to leave donations that will be used to purchase food for animals housed in the local shelters. In return, we will give away T-shirts, hats, cups or bags with the ethically correct message „We Are the Citizens of Novi Sad Too“, a slogan indicating the coexistence of humans and animals in urban areas. On the streets and squares of Novi Sad lives a thousands of abandoned dogs and cats. Without sanctions, their irresponsible keepers reject them and the pets are left on the streets where they are badly treated. Therefore, the action will begin in “five to 12”, thus symbolically saying that it’s not too late for a change; at the same time, we will join in the activities of associations for the animal protection from Blegrade, which will start celebrating this day at the same time.

Also, in the World Animal Week (which lasts until October 11th) the Group will organize a tea party – socializing and talking about animal rights with animal friends, citizens, activists/volunteers from the local animal protection associations and with representatives of the media. On this occasion there will be opportunity for receiving informational material, and raise funds for the purchase of food for abandoned animals; in two ways: receiving souvenirs and through the social game-bingo. There will also be a sales exhibition of photos with animals that have been abandoned or adopted in Novi Sad, given that this Group for monitoring and animal protection, and NSHC, support and promote adoption as the most efficient way of a permanent solution for homeless dogs and cats.

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