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International Cartoon Contest « Bulls Yes, bullfighters No »: « Rogues and beggars against a culture of peace and health »

In the context of the annual celebration of World Animal Day, the International Cartoon Contest Bulls Yes, bullfighters No; is an artistic socio-cultural and humanistic inspiration event comprised of individuals, institutions and NGOs internationally renowned and highly recognized in the artistic, academic, and altruistic areas, distinguished personalities in their specific fields and, through education, pedagogy and teaching organizations – and in this specific case, through the vector of ridicule, humor and critical and satirical reflection – act for the protection and care of animals, including the priorities of its agenda the pressing issue of the abolition of bullfighting and aware that fighting the brutality and torture in the bullrings is a matter of substance that goes beyond the strictly animal sphere, parallel and equally addressing the fight against violence in all its forms, the protection of children and the issue of safety and public health. In a broader sense, this project, part of the International Abolitionist Movement “Bulls Yes, bullfighters No” provides citizens the opportunity to take an active role of a unique and pioneering initiative with a profound impact that touches the heart of society itself, embedding and spreading among our families, friends and the society at large, giving voice to the talent of our citizens as well as a space and a privileged forum to express their concerns and their desire to create a new awareness in our social environment to show the vigorous feeling of a growing and regenerated era, while instilling and encouraging the creative spirit through the artistic and critic expression and the principles of law, equity, justice and compassion beyond the barrier of species, core values to build a world based upon the virtues of kindness, sensitivity, free from cruelty, especially to the most helpless and vulnerable individuals in our society: children and animals.

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