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Join international charity SPANA in supporting working animals this World Animal Day 2020

On World Animal Day this year, SPANA (the Society for the Protection of Animals Abroad) is highlighting the fact that so many animals around the world have no access to the vital veterinary care they need – particularly in developing countries.

In the UK and other higher income nations, most animals – including our precious pets at home – are thankfully able to see a vet whenever they may need. But too many animals in the world’s poorest countries are completely overlooked.

Across Africa and elsewhere, a severe shortage of vet services means animals must endure pain and suffering when they become sick and injured. Working animals are some of the worst affected.

SPANA believes that all animals deserve the right to high quality veterinary care – including working animals in impoverished communities throughout the world. This World Animal Day, they are asking for your support to ensure that no animal has to suffer in silence.

Find out more: spana.org/worldanimalday

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