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Kids and Animals

A series of online workshops for kids, raising awareness about animals focusing on misconceptions related to animals such as wolves, foxes, owls, crows and sharks.

The workshops also include videos, storytelling  and arts and crafts.

The children are divided to three categories according to thier age.


An online awareness workshop for kids, took place through zoom  meeting

We started by an introduction about World Animal Day, and what can we do to help animals, on their day, and everyday. 

Discussing some ideas to help animals in need, and correcting some misconceptions about street animals, some wild animals such as owls, crows and sharks. 

The practical part of the workshop, was reusing empty plastic bottles to make bird feeders , so we reduce the plastic pollution and feed the birds at the same time.

 We decorated our face masks with hand made marine animals, to always remember  to discard the masks properly , making it clear that we have to disinfect the craft everytime we discard the mask.


At last a photo with Worldanimalday  logo.

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