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Korean World Animal Day Ambassador Attends A Lunch at Korea Investment Forum by KOTRA in Sydney Australia: WAD 2015

Celebrating World Animal Day 2015:

On 1 October the Korean WAD Ambassador, Gina Moon, attended lunch at which the most senior political leaders were present and were indeed the hosts.  Gina met with the Korean Vice Minister for Strategy and Finance, the Korean Ambassador to Australia and the Australian Ambassador to Korea. Also in attendance were senior Korean and Australian business leaders from the major corporations.

This was the perfect setting to highlight the plight of Animals in both Korea and Australia and a great deal of information was communicated in relation to World Animal Day and not a single person left the room without one of Gina’s World Animal Day business cards.  In further developments, Gina Moon has been asked to address the Seoul International Women’s Association (SIWA) at one of their forthcoming presentation events. SIWA is the largest and longest-running international women’s organization in Korea having been established in  1962. World Animal Day provides an opportunity to help people in Korea take a breath and step back a little to reflect on the importance of both animals and nature to their world. It is having an impact by bringing these issues into the mainstream of families and their everyday lives. http://siwapage.com/

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