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Lego League students speak up for the animals on World Animal Day

Six students from Cupertino, California who formed a First Lego League team called “Roloway Monkey” are going to take fulll opportunity of this very special “World Animal Day” to become an Animal Ally and be the the Voice for the unspoken.  

They will make announcements at their school to share awareness of World Animal Day, from K-5th grade.  At recess and lunch, they will set up “Info Booths” for students to come and become informed on what is happening to our animal friends all over the world.  The students have researched various topics around animals and giving them their basic rights and will share this information with their school mates.  Together, the students plan to make a Banner over 10 feet long, which displays their message and they will ask their fellow students and staff to take the pledge to become an Animal Ally.  These 6 4th and 5th grade students also plan to go to the library and Cupertino City Hall to share their message with the community.


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