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Lesson of kindness: Taking care of your pet

Humane Society Moldova is launching its pilot project Lesson on Kindness in one of the private Language Schools in Moldova. The aim of the lesson is to raise awareness among students about the importance of animals, find out how concerned they are about animals, and of course to discuss how to take care of animals.

The lesson will be presented in English within 7 English groups. After that, we will assess the reactions and impressions and we have in mind to teach other teachers so they can conduct such lessons with their groups. We might also go to public schools with this program. 

So we did it. Together with the students, we discussed the importance of a humane attitude towards animals. We started with Taking care of pets

The aim was to show the connection between pets and stray animals, and how sterilization helps reduce the number of strays in a humane way.


The humane attitude and love towards animals come from their families. So we thought that it worth talking to parents and then they pass it on to their children. 

80% of students have pets, 40%-50% have adopted them.

20% who don’t, reported their parents do not allow them or they haven’t got time/are afraid they won’t be able to take give them enough attention, or they have allergies and had to give their pets, or they couldn’t deal with the loss o their last pets, and do not want to experience it again.

Almost no one is scared of strays is not against strays living beside people, however, they reported that they hear on TV or read on the internet about dogs biting people, and this makes them hesitate.

Also, there was a case when a student had to give her pets away because there was a newborn in a house.

Nobody knew about euthanasia but agreed uniformly that this is NOT right.

The majority showed their concerns regarding animals being kept in zoos, circuses, and dolphinarium. Zoos have to exist only to preserve the species. All agreed that animals should be free, using them for people’s entertainment is ethically wrong

Because of the strict policies, we can’t add To see the photos from the event, please follow the link. 



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