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Let animals also feel they are part of the world

This event is intended to showing people how animals have bodies like human beings have, and also showing them how they also feel pain.

We are planning to have it in Kasese Municipality Uganda. Drama groups will perform dances with the content of animal rights. It will be also be attended by the district officials also as well as all the people in Kasese. People will be taught how to treat their animals when they are sick and how to also construct for them shelter.

The event went on well where it started at 11am and ended at 3pm with a total number of 321 attendees with 172 females and 149 males present. It was held at Kasese Boma grounds.

It being the first of the kind in Kasese Municipality Rwenzori Region Uganda here many people did not it’s meaning but they were told it’s meaning and importance, community leaders like Chair person LC1 and Central Division Chair person, as well as the Central Division Community Development Officer were all present.

The people who were present were urged to join us in the fight against cruelty against animals and in activism for the animal rights.

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