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Let’s take shelter dogs out for a walk!

To celebrate

World Animal Day,

Let’s go to Wugu Public Animal Shelter and help take the dogs out for a walk, smell the grass and enjoy the sunshine for an hour. 

They spend most of their days inside small cages, waiting for someone to adopt them. 

We can help them to be seeing by many more potential adopters! 

We are empowered to help them find a home! 

Bring your cellphones, take pictures of the dog you have taken out for a wak, write a story and help share it on social media platforms.  This can help give these beautiful souls more exposure.  The more people can see them, the more chances they have to find a home.  

Time:  October (Date TBC) at 10am – 12pm 

Location: Wugu Animal Shelter – 9-9 Wailiao Rd., Wugu Township, New Taipei City, Taiwan 

Registration:  Please send a private message via Seeing facebook fan page facebook.com/seeingstrays

Feel free to bring dog treats to help warm up with the dogs and take beautiful pictures! 



This weekend, some volunteers of the SEEING project will be going to WUGU animal shelter to help walk the dogs.  Due to the pandemic, volunteers were not allowed to visit the shelter and take the dogs out.  Although, there are still restrictions on the number of people allowed to gather outdoor, today was a good day to start celebrating World Animal Day.  A dog and a cat were adopted while we were taking some dogs out for walk! 

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