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Liberia Celebrates World Animal Day 2016

Liberia is a poor, post-war and Ebola country in Western Africa with many challenges that don’t involve animal protection issues. The problems with animals in Liberia are there and real. Animal protection is still a new concept.

We believe that cruelty to animals is often caused unintentionally, but animals suffer as a result of lack of knowledge and information. That is why we put so much emphasis on education and information about animals, along with practical care for animals. To love animals also means to know them well.

In recognition of World Animal Day 2016, the Liberia Animal Welfare & Conservation Society will be involved in many activities all geared towards improving people`s understanding about animals and improving the animal-human bond.

From 1st to the 16th October, LAWCS will be involved in the following activities in Lofa County, Liberia:

  1. Distribution of World Animal Day leaflets
  2. Community Education
  3. Radio talk-show
  4. Dog washing program
  5. Free veterinary care and services for sick animals

LAWCS is open to donations in order to successfully conduct our planned activities.

You can contact us at lawslofa001@yahoo.com

Morris Darbo, World Animal Day Ambassador, Liberia

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