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Loving the Animals Day

The theme for this year’s celebration at Furry Friends Farm is Loving the Animals in Volunteerism at Furry Friends Farm. here will be activities for the volunteers to have direct interaction with the furry kids in food preperation, feeding, bathing, cleaning the beddings and shelter and also to paint the cages. There will be a little more fun at the Feline section where we will be holding a Full Moon ceremony for seven kittens born by two mother cats rescued a few months ago. We will also be compiling our Petition to revise The Animals Act 1953 and to hand over the files to the Prime Minister within October 2011. The programmes on that day also includes the 5th Anniversary of Furry Friends Farm, Cat Adoption Campaign and the Assessment of the newly registered dogs for Dr Dogs programme. We look forward to a Happy World Animal Day! Sabrina.

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