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The town of Chitré is located in the Azuero Peninsula, it was founded more than 170 years ago and it preserves many countryside customs; the population is approaching 60,000 inhabitants.  

About ten years ago, a group of young people from Chitré approached SpayPanama wanting to take the spay/neuter program over there to improve animal welfare.  Over 12,000 animals have been sterilized to date there.  It has been exhausting work, but we need to continue with the mission that is grounded in fixing the roots.  Our mission is to work so that children do not grow up insensitive to pain, seeing animals struggling to survive between misery and contempt, and believe that this is normal, because it is not.

On October 1-2 a mega spay event for World Animal will take place in Chitre and we invite all those that want to make a better world for the animals to join us.  Write to doctor@spaypanama.org

705 animals were sterilized!  Pebe Sebert and The Magic MIssion sponsored the spay event.  Over 50 volunteers from all parts joined in.  Together we can make a difference!

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