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Malawi’s Global March for Elephants and Rhinos

Singing, dancing and stopping traffic, Malawi’s marchers showed just how passionate they were about saving the world’s elephants and rhinos just ahead of World Animal Day. Schools from all over the country came to Lilongwe to join civil society organisations and Parks workers to present a petition of almost 4,000 signatures to the Government which asked them to:

– Ban all international and domestic ivory trade

– Destroy ivory stockpiles

– Invest in anti-poaching and border force training

– Strengthen and implement strict penalties on all persons involved in the illegal wildlife trade.

The response was fantastic! The Minister pledged to review the Wildlife Act, introduce stiffer penalties and burn the ivory. This is an incredible achievement for Malawi and we look forward to getting further updates on this soon.

After the march the school children came to Lilongwe Wildlife Centre where they performed plays, poems, dances and songs all in the name of elephants and rhinos. It was a fantastic day that went better than we could have imagined!

The march was organised by Lilongwe Wildlife Trust, Wildlife Action Group, WESM and DNPW.

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