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World Animal Day in Kragujevac, 2013

For the first time in Kragujevac, World Animal Day was celebrated as a joint activity of educational institutions and non-formal groups at the local level. In a teaching and creative manner this special event on 4th October took place in the Eco-Park ‘Ilina voda’, as the date meaningful to all nature- and animal-lovers.
The goal of educational, informative and creative workshops performed on this occasion is to draw the attention of children, pupils and students to unfavorable animal status and endangered species in Serbia – helping to increase awareness and improve standards of animal welfare.

1. Educational Workshop: ‘Endangered Animals in Serbia’:
CEOOR members, students acting as tutors to other pupils, were all around the park lecturing about the endangered animal species: the brown bear, eagle, chamois, lynx and grouse.
Children and pupils were divided into groups, each visiting their peer educators working in pairs and helping them to acquire and expand knowledge of the number of remaining individuals of a certain animal species, their main characteristics and place of residence.

Objective: Peer education about animals.
2. Creative Workshop: Making animal figurines.

Children and pupils were given the task of making animal figurines from recyclable materials (plastic, paper, bags, lids…) or filling the drawings with materials and collage techniques.

Objective: Developing a creative reminder to care for animals-otherwise some will only remain made ​​of cardboard.
3. Visiting the ZOO in Eco-Park ‘Ilina voda’ and learning about the specifics of each species.

Objective: Developing love and care for animals.
The atmosphere was jovial and stimulating. Children, pupils and students have spent quality time in nature surrounded by animals.
Scenarios and the course of the workshops were aimed at active teaching and learning techniques, collaboration, and developing creativity of children and pupils outdoors.


The participants:
Centrefor Environmental Educationand Sustainable Development of Polytechnic School (CEOOR)
Students’ Parliament of Polytechnic School
EcoParkIlina Voda’
NGOKEC(Creative-Educational Centre)
With the support ofCentrefor Professional Developmentof EducatorsKragujevac (CSU)

Workshopsprepared by:

AnaĐokić Ostojićand BojanaMikarić



Jovana Janić, Dragana Zarkov, Milan Gabarić

Target groups:
CEOOR student-members: TUŠ ‘TozaDragović’, First Technical School, School of Medicine and Polytechnic school
Pupils of elementary school ‘Sveti Sava’
Pupils of elementary school ‘MomaStanojlović’ Children attending the English language school ‘Vrabac’


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