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Mega Spay Event

The only method of animal population control that has demonstrated long-term efficacy in significantly reducing the number of unwanted animals is SPAY/NEUTER. Reason why SPCA, the Panamanian Health Ministry, local authorities, Angeles de los Animales and Fundacion Spay/Panama will work together to hold a massive spay event in Santiago de Veraguas.

Life is like hell for dogs and cats in Panama. The uncontrolled exploding animal population sentences dogs and cats to cruel, short lives. Females are forced to survive bearing litter after litter with little nourishment to keep themselves alive, let alone their babies. They give birth to their litters in unsafe areas forcing these precious new lives to often be cut short in cruel, painful ways like starvation or being run over by passing cars and trucks.

Male dogs often run wild in the streets trying to mate and too often get hit by cars. If they get killed by the car, that would be considered a lucky break, because navigating the tough streets of Panama with a broken leg or internal injuries leads to a cruel life or painful, slow death. Veterinary care is totally unavailable to these unclaimed strays, except for a few local animal non-profits trying to make a difference but overwhelmed by need.

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