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Mega Sterilization Blitz-Fundacion Spay Panama

The 2011 World Animal Day event is sponsored by SPCA International. Thanks to their support, Spay/Panama and Los Angeles de los Animales aim at reaching the thousands of feral cats and stray dogs that roam the area of LA CHORRERA, a town across the Panama Canal on the west side. The town of LA CHORRERA was selected because 344 animals were sterilized in one area of the town last year. A lot needs to be done. The team took a ride around the neighboring areas after a hard day’s work and the enormous number of sick-looking stray dogs left a sad impression and a burning sense of obligation that something would be done to improve the welfare of the animals in that area. A team of six vets and twelve assistants will aim at sterilizing, deworming and vaccinating 1,000 animals to celebrate World Animal Day thanks to the support of SPCA International. Patricia Chan, World Animal Day Ambassdor, Panama.

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