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Mini-fair educational in honor of animals destined for work.

On the occasion of the celebration of World Animal Day (WAD) World Horse Welfare in alliance with the Honduran Association for the Protection of Animals and their Environment – AHPRA and Equinos de Honduras, will develop an educational mini-fair, in order to raise awareness about the respect, protection, and defense that all animals deserve, focusing on the treatment and care to animals destined for work, in which they perform hard works, especially in developing countries. In Honduras, working equines are the main source of income for thousands of low-income families; However, their conditions in many cases are deplorable, suffering from malnutrition, injuries, diseases, and abandonment that eventually causes them a slow, painful, and cruel death.

Wolrd Horse Welfare, AHPRA and Equinos de Honduras, are committed to the welfare of animals destined for work, we will continue working to improve their living conditions, disclosing the regulations of their legal protection in force in Honduras.

The mini-fair in honor to animals will take place the 9th of October, in the rural community of Tapatoca, Choluteca, Honduras, from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. where children and adults are invited.

 The topics that we will develop in this activity will be:

  • Technical advice by experts in farriery to owners of working animals.
  • Disclosure of the most relevant provisions of the Honduran Animal Protection and Welfare Law in relation to the protection of working animals.
  • Basic recommendations for the care of the health and well-being of equines.
  • Information on first aid for working animals.



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