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Minister’s involvement to improve animal welfare

Within the framework of World Animal week, the Minister of Agriculture, Rural Environment and Development, Prof. Costas Kadis, will be visiting the Argos Animal Centre where he will deliver his speech in recogniton of the importance of World Animal Day.  The Minister will extend his stay at the centre an extra hour for a round-the-table discussions with the heads of rescue groups in the Famagusta area to hear the problems and difficulties they are encountering with government authorities and to hear their suggestions on measures to improving the standards of animal welfare.

In this respect, Minister Costas Kadis has set in motion a programme to visit both private and municipal shelters islandwide in order to evaluate the extent of the problem.

For the first time in the Cyprus Ministerial Cabinet, we have a minister who has shown the desire to acquiant himself on the prevailing situation Cyprus with regards to the stray animal over-population and a will to set in motion and implement necessary changes.

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