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Montreal Declaration on Animal Exploitation – Launching Event

On October 4th, World Animal Day, the Montreal Declaration on Animal Exploitation will be made public.

More than 460 academics from 40 countries, specialized in moral and political philosophy, proclaim the fundamental unfairness of animal exploitation based on the current collective knowledge in their fields of expertise: “We condemn the practices that involve treating animals as objects or commodities. Insofar as it involves unnecessary violence and harm, we declare that animal exploitation is unjust and morally indefensible.”

Although their work is rooted in diverse philosophical traditions, these scholars agree on the condemnation of speciesism and the need to transform our relationship with other animals by ending their exploitation. Such a position, once held by a few people particularly sensitive to the fate of animals, is now, for the first time, supported by hundreds of researchers who have dedicated their careers to ethical reflection. 

This declaration has been initiated by researchers from the Centre de Recherche en Éthique de Montréal. The text and the list of signatories will be made public on October 4th, 13:00 (Montreal time zone, UTC -4) on the GREEA website. You can attend this event on Zoom by following this link.

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