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My Pet in Virtual Exhibition and Encourage Animal Adoption

This is an exhibition of photographs of the pet to say about the bonding. The most admired animal gives us joy and happiness as we get closer to it day by day. Let the worrds speak about the bonding and a picture to admire its beauty. This exhibition is held virtually and a collection of pet photographs. Also a few words about animal adoption.The message by Challenging Star Darshan. 

The World Animal Day 2021 gave an immense opportunity to express all our support towards animal protection and to show our affection towards all the animals with few beautiful images and photographs that speaks.

The photgraphs were sent in till 5 pm and the collection of our bonding towards animals were shared to the WORLD.

Later the pictures are biult to an virtual exhibition. The video message of Popular Film Actor ,a great animal supporter and ambassador for animal protection and an environmentalist has been shared to encourage animal adoption.

The communication was established to Mysore Zoo and a participant Smt. Sathyaprema Devi (81 years Cancer Survivor) has initiated her willingness to adopt a peacock today at Mysore Zoo.


Challenging Star Darshan Requests People To Adopt Animals In Zoos - YouTube


Challenging Star Darshan Message on Animal Adoption  VIDEO LINK CLICK HERE  SUPPORT ANIMAL ADOPTION

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