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‘STOLEN’ – A social media awareness campaign

The Otara Foundation honored World Animal Day by creating a social media awareness campaign called STOLEN. A series of powerful images depicting the ‘STOLEN’ freedom and lives of animals.

The images were designed to elicit an emotional response causing audiences to think about the reality and suffering animals go through in today’s world.

How freedom, peace, habitats, moments and connections have been stolen from these sentient beings, how their rights and lives have been taken away by humans.

It’s time for us to step up and choose to be compassionate to all beings on Earth.

The picture series from the STOLEN awareness campaign was liked by over 10k and 15k people on Instagram and Facebook respectively, reaching over one million audiences in total, considering the number of shares and followers of the pages on social media, thereby spreading awareness on animal welfare across the globe.

Our hope is that this campaign created an understanding on the grim reality of animals in Sri Lanka, educating people both locally and globally on animals sold for profit, used for entertainment, poached, hunted and taken away from their natural habitats.


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