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“The Cruelty Behind the Dolphin ‘Smile’ — Say NO to Dolphin Shows” Online Campaign

The current presence of COVID-19 makes us difficult to engage in social and outdoor activities, leaving many bored and unhappy. We all hope that the epidemic can end as soon as possible and return to normal life, so do captive dolphins. But they were kept in small tanks and forced to perform for a lifetime, losing their freedom and their families and companions.

To support World Animal Day on 4th October this year, the SPCA (HK) will run an online campaign for children on captive dolphins to raise public awareness of this cruelty. Through specially designed games, activities, and challenges, we will unmask the myth of the dolphin ‘smile’. There will also be a pledge to sign for not watching animal shows or supporting animal-related entertainment activities. Please join in and together we can create a better world for our animals!



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