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National Feral Cat Day – Oct 16

We would like to take this opportunity to highlight the plight of these poor, unfortunate, unwanted, and for many, unloved animals. To everyone who helps them in any way, from feeding them, providing shelter, caring for them, neutering them – a big thank you on their behalf.

Let’s all take time out from our busy lives to think about them. try to place yourself in their paws on this day – how would you feel to be homeless, cold and don’t know where your next morsel of food will come from? What if you are ill and can’t fend for yourself? Just take some time to reflect – are they really so bad for people to want to kill them, day in and day out? It’s not their fault they are in this situation. Please take time to help them, stop cruelty and don’t just turn the other way. 

Project Wildcat Scheme & 7th Heaven’s Feral Cat month update

We thought you would like to see how we have been helping others through this scheme and during the October event. Times have been very difficult for us all this year, but we have continued to provide this service to help those in need.
Thank you to everyone who has supported us during this time, whether it was through donation pet food, shelters, bedding, funds, trapping /neutering – we appreciate all that you have done to help these wee ferals or community cats.

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