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One Love for All Animals

People for Animal welfare Foundation,Bangladesh will organize whole day free medical campaign and low cost vaccination at October 04 at its veterinary clinic to celebrate the World Animal Day,2018.We will conduct a Workshop on Animal welfare theory to educate animal lovers and activists at october 04. An online photography contest will be arranged for october o4.  The animal lovers adn activists of Bangladesh will arrange a human chain infront of National Press Club to celebrate the day and to get media coverage for the sake of animals. We will demand to change the national policy to establsih animal welfare in Bangladesh.

Our tagline is “One Love for All Animals” for the “World Animal Day-2018”.

  1. Rally to celebrate world animal day,2018.
  2. Free medical check-up and Low cost Vaccination- PAW Life Care, 1/12,Block-G,Lalmatia,Dhaka,Bangladesh.
  3. Workshop on Animal Welfare – Dhanmondi,Dhaka.



People for Animal Welfare Foundation,Bangladesh organized mass awareness rally in different area of Bangladesh to celebrate the World Animal Day. A large group of animal lovers gathered Dhaka,Khulna and Pabna Area in Bangladesh. Local perliament members also joined the rally. 

We provide free veterinary services at our clinic whole day long. 

Our next event to celebrate World Animal Day 2018 will be held on October 8. It will be a whole day workshop for animal welfare activists in Dhaka,Bangladesh. A humane education program will be conduct to create compassion towards animals. 

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