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One World: One Health: One Welfare


4th of Oct is not only a day for animals; but it’s a reminder for us all humans to rethink, reflect and focus on what in reality we are doing for the animals, and what better could be done to make their lives happy and healthy.

Current COVID era is a testing time for both human and animal as the concept of ONE HEALTH is now turned into reality, and it’s about time that we should respect and implement what lessons we have learned by neglecting this in the past.

Animal welfare and One Health was the general theme around Brooke Pakistan’s celebration of World Animal Day 2021. Key event took place in Lahore where Brooke Pakistan in collaboration with Government Livestock & Dairy Development Department Punjab, local animal welfare organizations (Give us Life-Animal Welfare, and Voice for Voiceless) highlighted the essence of World Animal Day which is to end animal cruelty by raising the status of animals in order to advance welfare standards around the globe.   

Speaking at the event Minister Livestock & Dairy Development Department Punjab,  Sardar Hasnain Bahadar Dreshak highlighted the current situation of animal welfare in Pakistan and shared the efforts of his departments in improving the situation of animals in Pakistan. Panel discussions focused on the legislative frameworks on animal welfare and rights in Pakistan and role of CSOs in Role NGOs in Animal Rights Awareness. Large number of like-minded stakeholders including CSO’s, parliamentarians, media, youth and Govt. Officials gathered at the event and shared their commitments for collective efforts towards the goal in future.

Brooke Pakistan field offices also celebrated World Animal Day in their respective communities to highlight the importance of equines in their lives. During the Celebrations field team also perform role plays and puppet shows to sensitize the equine owners so they can share the load with equines. Brooke Faisalabad did a morning show with local news channel, and presented the message of animal welfare.


Some visual of the World Animal Day 2021 are attached below.

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