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“One World, One Love” art exhibition to draw attention to animals

Innovative and diverse installation art exhibitions and events include online and offline events in Taipei, Taiwan from September 3rd to October 4th,2019.

Two famous Taiwanese architects Jay Chiu and Hui-mei Huang created large-scale works of art to coincide with World Animal Day. Jay said: The relationship between humans and animals can be compared to inflatable balloons. In a space, we share a world, and we must share love with all animals in the world. Huang’s work is immersive, made of bamboo, and gradually creates a path that symbolizes the way home. Huang said that from the top of the work, people and animals are “shelters”.

In addition, during the installation art exhibition ,many lectures were held to discuss animal welfare and speak up for animals.

At the same time, more than 50 celebrities such as singers, actors, models, vets and other industries have united and cooperated to launch animal welfare online signature activities, which have made a huge impact in Taiwan.

This event was co-organised by Help-Save-A-Pet Fund, Taiwan, led by Lily Wang and Emily Chow, World Animal Day Ambassadors.




The exhibition was curated by “small as big company”(an animal welfare social enterprise) and “T.R.P.F”,assisted by Taipei Animal Protection office. 


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