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Open Shelter / Awareness Stall / Letter to local paper

We invite you to visit Winelands SPCA on or near World Animal Day-our four legged friends love nothing more than a cuddle, a walk or a biscuit or two. At that time we will be frantically busy preparing for the Robertson Spring Show which opens on 5th. You would find a visit to our stand at the show very interesting. Look out for our letter in the Montagu Mail which draws attention to World Animal Day and encourages readers to do something special for animals to mark this special day. It could be something as simple as taking your dog out for a special walk somewhere different or spending some quality time playing with your cat and giving it an extra treat or two. Maybe question where the meat you eat comes from-has it been humanely reared and slaughtered. Do the egs you enjoy come only from ‘free range’ hens, not battery ones. A little research would be time well spent. If your dog or cat has had puppies or kittens, have you made absolutely sure that the homes the young ones went to are really loving, responsible ones? Or did it become a hassle as the pups and kitties grew, so that they were handed out to all and sundry just to get rid of them. Please spend a few hours following up on these homes. Many of these “hand-outs” suffer terribly and end up at the gate of the SPCA in a pitiful state, and you are ultimately responsible for these tragedies. World Animal Day is for all animal life-talk to your staff, your neighbours, your friends, your children and their friends about respect for wild life. Keep your eyes and ears open for cruelty such as that reported in last month’s Mail. Only concrete evidence will bring these cases to court. Whatever you do, do not do nothing! Tel 023 6152241 brwspca@telkomsa.net www.spcawinelands.za.org

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