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Partner with Power to Promote World Animal Day 2016 and to Celebrate All Species Along the Way

Goal | To partner with interested parties with shared values. Connect and co-ordinate efforts leading up to and promoting World Animal Day 2016 while reaching milestones along the way, like World Elephant Day, Friday, 12 August 2016. Promote and bring awareness to as many various animal concerns as is possible along the way. Harness strength in numbers via social media, organizations and individuals ranging from worldwide levels to national on through to local stages.

There are many endangered and threatened species that are in need of global rally.

For example, 11 July is International Save the Vaquita Day. What’s a vaquita? Well, that’s the point. (http://www.vivavaquita.org/international-save-the-vaquita-day.html)

Elephants aren’t doing too hot either. Yesterday, 3 March, the world celebrated World Wildlife Day. 2016’s themes are many. The main themes are ‘The future of wildlife is in our hands. The future of elephants is in our hands.’ #InOurHands

World Elephant Day takes place this year on Friday, 12 August. There are so many species who don’t even have a day or a minute of publicity for their crisis situations.

It takes a village to raise a planet. It’s a huge undertaking. The hope is that this particular event listing will act as a placeholder dedicated to connecting with, staying accountable to, and being supportive of any and all efforts to be true guardians of all of our world’s animals, great and small, and in-between.

Event Invitation | https://www.facebook.com/events/1677782419158979/

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