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Pet Blessing and Rehoming to celebrate WAD 2021

Animal Kingdom Foundation, a group advocating the Rescue, Rehabilitation as Rehoming of once slaughter-bound dogs and other hapless animals, held a pet blessing activty inside a village in Metro Manila including the rehoming of some rescued dogs during the celebration of the World Animal Day 2021 on October 4. 


Because of the protocols of social distancing, the pets received the blessings inside their hooman’s cars with a priest sprinkling them the Holy Water from the walkway. Most of the pets eagerly poked their heads out for the precious blessing.

The event was held successfully with nearly a hundred pets, cats and dogs alike, receiving the sacred blessing from a holy priest.  


AKF has received signups and calls for possible adoption with some animal lovers scheduling a visit to the AKF Rescue Center to see the dogs. 


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