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Pet Dog Festival in Busan, Korea to celebrate WAD 2014

On 11~12 October 2014, the KAPCA ( Korea Alliance for Prevention Cruelty to Animals) jointly with the local district office held an incredibly successful day in Busan called Pet Dog Festival for the occasion of World Animal Day.

The event was attended by hundreds of animal lovers and its pets, events included dog walking, dog adaption, and general education activities including for problem animals.

moonbears.org featured prominently at the event as a sponsor with the World Animal Day logo alongside the organisers. We also donated along with some cash a numbers of the ‘Ura’s World’ and ‘Ura’s Dream’ children’s books, ‘Ura’s Dream’ Work books.

The outstanding thing about the event is that it was supported by the local government and attended by local officials which is a lessons that other Governments in Korea including the National Government could learn.

We had over 200 of our new protest postcards signed and these will now be mailed to the Environment Minister demanding that the Government support Bear Sanctuaries in Korea.

Congratulations to all involved in this great event.

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