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Pet is not a toy – be a responsible guardian

Here in Yogyakarta, Indonesia – we still find that a lot of cats and dogs are abandoned by their owner.

Either they get too big and become hard to handle or it’s because the owner cannot afford to look after them. 

They just like them when they’re kittens and puppies.

Abandoned cats lead to overpopulation and abandoned dogs are targeted for the dog meat trade. 


That’s why on the occasion of World Animal Day, Animal Friends Jogja [AFJ] wants to focus on this issue.


We encourage people to look upon their pets as Companion Angels with ourselves as their guardians.  

Raising a cat or dog is a lifetime commitment. Once you choose to adopt a cat or dog, they become part of your family.

They deserve to be loved – Not abandoned. 

We raise this awareness through our instagram page @animalfriendsjogja.

We educate them how to understand their Companion Angel more and make them happy.

We ask Guardians to take a picture with their Companion Angel in our template (can be downloaded from the link in our instagram bio), post it on instagram, and share as much as possible. 

Let’s Celebrate World Animal Day Together!

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