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Phoenix International School

Phoenix International School

We are a small international school of around 150 students ranging from 3 yrs to 18 yrs. This will be the third year that Phoenix International School has taken part in World Animal Day on the 4th of October.

Every year we invite parents and the local community to make contributions to our collection of donations of money, food, blankets, bedding (such as straw and hay) and much more for our local animal shelter (Happy Animales Spanien). Last year our collection was large enough for us to share with another local shelter. We are always so proud of all that become involved and hope we can repeat last years success or do better. Some of our students and parent volunteer at these shelters so we really feel that we are making a difference.

In school we include a variety of activities throughout the week with particular focus being on the 4th. Activities ranging from creating Acrostic Poems in English, building insect houses in Science , creating animal masks in Art and so much more.

Several of our older secondary students are planning to present a short talk to our primary students to inform them of the volunteering work they do and why they do it. We are also trying to encourage more families to get involved in fund raising events such as dog walks which are run by the shelters throughout the year.

We are also setting an ´Animal selfie´ competition – all students, staff and their families are invited to take their snaps and send them in to be shared on the school Facebook page; I can´t wait for the entries to start coming in.

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