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Photography Competition / School Art Competitions / Signing of Protocol / Press Release / Awareness Activites

Street Dog Photo Contest: HAYTAP and Koza Management Service are organising a photography competition to draw public attention to the plight of street dogs. The 12 winning photographs will be used to produce a 2012 calendar with all proceeds going to HAYTAP. The competition will be judged by a VIP panel on 30th September and the Award Ceremony and Exhibition will take place on World Animal Day , 4 October, at the Koza Plaza. Furthermore, at the same time a protocol between HAYTAP and Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality is going to be signed on the 4th October with regard to the launch of HAYTAP’s public awareness activities. The mayor of Istanbul will attend the ceremony. We will send out a Press Release confirming the support of the Mayor and famous celebrities. Also, our local representatives are organizing painting competitions at primary and elementary schools and many districts are being furnished with HAYTAP billboards and short films. Ahmet Senpolat, Haytap Animal Rights Federation, World Animal Day Ambassador.

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