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Pick Up 3 Save Me

I have partnered with a local restaurant to reward residents of the  Springfield Lakes Community who PICK UP 3 pieces of rubbish they have collected from a pathway when they are out walking.  When the litter is disposed of correctly in the Pick Up 3 Bin located at the restaurant, they will receive a turtle stamp and after receiving 3 stamps  they can exchange them for a FREE Icecream.  This initiative will run until June 2017.

It is hoped that this initiative will encourage our  community to not only dispose of litter, namely plastic bags, bottles and foil packaging thoughtfully but to also pick up any of the litter that they find adjacent to footpaths and waterways because our  stormwater drains flow into creeks and waterways.

Thus the litter ends up polluting our oceans and can potentially harm the endangered Loggerhead Turtle and the threatened  Flatback Turtles which are endemic to the Indo Pacific region.  The turtles ingest the plastic bags believing they are jellyfish or squid.  This premature death from ingesting  plastic and or entrapment by plastic litter is detrimental to the species existence.  Other marine life such as dugong and dolphins also suffer from entrapment or strangulation from marine debris along with aquatic birdlife that also die from the ingesting plastic.

Unfortunately there will always be people who choose to litter but we, as a community, can be part of the solution and pick up today’s litter and  prevent it from becoming tomorrow’s problem. 

In March 2016 300kg of rubbish was collected from the banks of our community’s 3 lakes and it contained mostly plastic packaging from food and beverages, as well as cans thus proving that our community contributes to the litter that washes into the Brisbane River and ultimately ends up in Moreton Bay and the Pacific Ocean.

I would like to encourage everyone to do an Eco-friendly Walk on World Animal Day and Pick Up 3 pieces of plastic litter to help make the world a safer cleaner place for turtles.  Thank you.

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