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Procession of Cart Drivers, Drama & Poetry by University Students, Speech by Donkey Sanctuary Team member, Donkey Club Events in Schools, Animal Treatment Camp, Public Awarness Events in Schools and C

We have four bases in Ethiopia: Addis Ababa, Bahir Dar (Amhara region), Mekelle (Tigray region) and Awassa (SNNPRS region). All four will be organising events for WAD. The team in Amhara plan to celebrate WAD in collaboration with Animal Science students of Bahir Dar University and cart drivers in Bahir Dar. There will be a procession of cart drivers with their mules through the town, performances of drama and poetry by the university students, and a speech by a member of the Donkey Sanctuary team. In the following days they will be celebrating Animal Day in elementary schools where they have set up donkey clubs, with events involving students and teachers. The team in Tigray will celebrate in collaboration with Mekelle University of Veterinary Medicine and are also incorporating World Rabies Day on Sept 28. The events include treatments and vaccinations of animals including donkeys, horses, mules and dogs, public awareness events in schools and communities, and a national workshop at the university. These events also took place last year and are expected to attract good media coverage. Notified by Philippa Davies, Donkey Sanctuary UK

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