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Providing support to animal welfare organisations and create an album and documentary films

Greeshma G M ,III Semester MBA is keen towards providing support to animal welfare organisations and create an album and documentary film on the day.

You can join her team to celebrate the event by sharing any one of your photograph with an animal during your childhood     (Preferably 2017 and  earlier )


Video Source from Internet(Newslink of Malayalam Media :Mathrubhumi)



WhatsApp: 7019987266 to reach the Photographs on the Day

A.Chandran ,Coordinator, RVIM Center for Social Responsibility 

World Animal Day was celebrated on October 4 with Message from Ms.Sahana Hegde,Vice President,Organic Mandya. All students were encouraged to send a picture with the animal pet. Extremely encouraging results achieved and all the photos are documented as a -part of RVIM-CSR initiative. Student Volunteer Incharge for event Ms.Greeshma III D and For Video making Mr.Sandesh Savak III C. 



From Ms. Sahana Hegde ,

Vice President, Organic Mandya

Can be reached at : sahana@organicmandya.com

Also an volunteer at Dhyan Foundation, Animal shelter


Empathy – the ability to recognize and understand another’s feeling – this life skill is the basic part of human nature this sets us apart from animals. lets do our bid as humans. It becomes a moral responsibility of students to voice the pain of the voiceless.

My message to students is be a “Animal Brigadier”. As an Animal Brigadier, if you see a dog or cow being hit or stoned, inform the offender of the law if the abuse continuous inform the Animal Welfare NGOs or seek support from the police.

If you find any stray cows in the roads find for its owner and warn them not to let loose in the traffic, otherwise call an NGO and put that animal in the safe custody of the goshala for further upkeep. These are small things but you have saved a life.

October 4, 2020


Video LINK:      https://youtu.be/qLZLSgEKSXE                 

Thanks for support and participation.Chandran,Coordinator,RVIM-CSR

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